Study Trip Spring 2019
I will travel to Anhui province in China to learn about the processing methods applied to Tai Ping Hou Kui green tea, the refinement techniques associated with Keemun red/fully oxidized tea and Liu An black/fermented tea. Next, I will go to Taipei to take lessons on the art of Chinese tea, attend a ceramic exhibition as well as a floral arrangement class, and learn some breathing techniques. In Japan, I will visit two craft shows and take lessons on the way of sencha.

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The Essential Collection
We believe that anyone interested in the classical art of tea should have the right materials to assist and guide them along their path of practice. This helps them to focus on understanding the essentials without getting distracted or confused by the vast choices presented by the market. We hope that you will find value from our selection of essential tea leaves and teawares and be able to enjoy them!

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Tea with glass artist 辻和美

It was a definitely enjoyable experience for me. In addition to experiencing Ms. Tsuji’s beautiful glass work for the first time, I had the opportunity to taste the tea she prepared, a snack of the infused gyokuro tea leaves with yuzu sauce, and sweets she brought from her hometown Kanazawa.

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Tea with ceramic artist 寒川義雄

The beauty of nature, inevitably, is communicated through a sense of calm and wonder from his works. In my opinion, there is no subjectivity in Mr. Kangawa’s work. He simply allows his work to speak for itself.

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SÙ LIVING is a project to cultivate a quiet, simple, natural way of life through the practice of the classical art of tea, and exploring the application of this way of life to address the needs and challenges that arise from living in a modern world. It is our aspiration that choosing this lifestyle approach will return our body, mind and soul to a harmonized state, enabling us to progress towards a path of self-realization, and to do so with care and respect for the world around us.


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