The Classical Art of Tea: A Practice To Enrich Your Life

The classical art of tea is a term developed by SÙ LIVING to specifically describe the traditional art of preparing and enjoying tea observed and practiced in China and Japan as a form of art and a way of life.

Sharing the same root, those traditional arts in China and Japan combine to form at least 1,200 years of history in tea appreciation. During its history, multiple schools of style have emerged, and cultural elements and refinements made by generations of tea masters have reshaped its development. Nonetheless, practicing the two traditional arts continue to present us a way to find peace in the moment with tea, to appreciate the harmony between man and nature, and to cultivate elegance from living with tea.


Find peace in the moment with tea

By focusing on preparing and enjoying tea, you will slow down thus easing your body and calming your mind. When you have collected yourself, you will bring your attention back to being present only in the moment. You will be quiet and feel a sense of peace that fills your soul. You will become more aware of your surroundings allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty and goodness of the world you live in.

Appreciate harmony between man and nature

Combining the marvel of nature and craftsmanship, tea is a work of art waiting for you to reveal and admire. When you infuse tea, you have become an integral part in completing the art by expressing its finest qualities. You will make adjustments to seek the right balance between water, tea leaf, utensils and your own tempo to yield a cup of tea that can be appreciated for the harmony between nature and man.

Cultivate elegance from living with tea

To make each tea moment and experience unique, beautiful and enjoyable, you will apply creativity, refinement and consideration to arrange and execute every detail. From your choice of tea, selection and arrangement of utensils to your posture, movement and manner, you will strive to ensure your guests feel at ease to fully appreciate the quiet beauty, humbleness and thoughtfulness expressed through the cup of tea prepared by you.


While the development of the classical art of tea continues to evolve, it remains as a ritual of preparing, serving and appreciating tea to calm the mind and body, and to bring awareness to our senses to appreciate not only the tea infusion but also the goodness that makes up our lives and the world we live in.

Our study and practice of the classical art of tea, which began in 2014, has helped us develop an attitude of living with awareness and appreciating the beauty of nature and humanity. We hope that our passion can inspire you to practice the classical art of tea with us, and to enjoy life with a new sense of awareness and appreciation. Please join our three workshop series to experience, learn and explore the classical art of tea and apply it to enrich your life.