Exploration Series

This is a series of advanced-level workshops designed to expand your horizons relating to the classical art of tea. We endeavour to build the Exploration Series by developing multiple series of workshops in accordance to the themes and attributes that are relevant to a way of life which we refer to as SÙ LIVING. Within each numbered series, you will find workshops that address the respective topics of the tea plants, craftsmanship, environment, humanities and the art of living related to tea.

 Series 1: The Beginning 

Introduction of Aesthetics & Spirituality to Drinking Tea
// Exploration Series 1.1
// One workshop. 2.5 hours. $90

The Origin of Tea Trees
// Exploration Series 1.2
// One workshop. 2.5 hours. $90

The Start of Tea Processing History:
White Tea from One Terroir to Another
// Exploration Series 1.3
// One workshop. 2.5 hours. $90

The Four Seasons: Impact of Climatic Conditions on the Growth of Tea Trees
// Exploration Series 1.4
// One workshop. 2.5 hours. $90

Shí Chá – Reinterpretation of Tea and Wellbeing
// Exploration Series 1.5
// One workshop. 2.5 hours. $90


 Series 2: Discovery 

A Beautiful Transformation: Defence and Adaptation to Insect Infestation
// Exploration Series 2.1
// One workshop. 2.5 hours. $90