Welcome to our shop!

Positive feedback from our workshop participants stating that they really enjoyed our teas and utensils have motivated us to open and run this shop for you. Since our priority remains with creating interesting workshops to encourage you to continue to practice the classical art of tea, we only offer a short list of items in limited quantities.

From our list of goods, you will find teas and utensils which we deem essential to help you understand the fundamentals before you proceed to explore the massive choices available in the market place. You may also find selective materials used in our workshops, items we purchase for our enjoyment and collection, and things we absolutely could not resist when we made our study trips to Taiwan, China and Japan every year. We hope you will find something to enjoy from our collection to yours!


Essential Tea Ware (COMING SOON)
7 pieces of tea utensils
Porcelain, Crème colour, Taiwan


Essential Tea Leaves (COMING SOON)
Six teas with different levels of oxidation
60 grams, China