Essential Tea Ware


7 Pieces of Tea Utensils
Porcelain, Crème Colour, Taiwan

You will find all the essential tea utensils in this set to begin your practice of the classical art of tea. There are two pieces of utensils for infusion, one piece for serving, two pieces for appreciating the aroma and two pieces for enjoying the taste. All seven pieces* of utensils are made of porcelain – a material that does not have meaningful impact, positively or negatively, on the texture of tea. In our opinion, porcelain presents an appropriate material to begin your study of tea leaves in terms of taste evaluation.


  Function Pieces Material Origin Dimension Volume
Teapot Infusion 1 Porcelain Yingge, Taiwan D 4.5cm
H 5.5cm
Teacup + Lid & Saucer Infusion 1 Porcelain Yingge, Taiwan D 8.3cm
H 5.5cm
Pitcher Serving 1 Porcelain Yingge, Taiwan D 6.5cm
H 7cm
Slender Cups Smelling 2 Porcelain Yingge, Taiwan D 4cm
H 5.6cm
Slender Cups Tasting 2 Porcelain Yingge, Taiwan D 6.8cm
H 3.5cm

* Additional accessories are not included.

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