Shí Chá – Reinterpretation of Tea and Wellbeing


Exploration Series 1.5
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Shí 食 can translate “to eat” and “food” in the English language. Combining two Chinese characters – 人 people and 良 good – the word shí 食 means more than merely eating as it embraces the idea of nourishment for the good of our lifespan.

Chá 茶 along with firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar had been the seven basic necessities in every household since the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279) in China. Shí chá 食茶 was documented in The History of the Song Dynasty completed in the year 1345 to refer to tea leaves purchased by ordinary people for everyday consumption. The choice of tea during that time was simple as tea leaves were only processed into green tea. Today, however, a wide variety of styles and qualities of tea leaves harvested and processed throughout the year from various parts of the world are made available for our consumption. In addition to personal taste preferences, what other factors should be considered when selecting shí chá for daily consumption and to provide nourishment throughout our lifespan?

You will find inspiration from Huang Di Nei Jing or The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, which is a classic medical treatise that discusses the integral relationship between our wellbeing and nature, to identify the internal and external conditions that are relevant to your wellbeing. You will learn about the nature of different styles of tea based on the way they are processed and apply that to the ever-changing conditions of your body and the environment to develop a set of criteria that will help guide you in your selection of shí chá.

Elaine Tsien, TAC TEA SOMMELIER, will guide you through this workshop.

You are welcome to contact us for a list of tea leaves you will prepare for tasting and other inquiries related to this workshop series. Private session can be arranged for an individual or small group. Please contact us for pricing and to make an appointment.

The Exploration Series is an extension of our Introduction and Foundation Series. This workshop is suitable for you to apply your previously acquired knowledge and skills to continue your practice of the classical art of tea, and to explore the diverse and rich materials included in the art.

If you are new to the classical art of tea and are interested to try this workshop, you are welcome to join us with the expectation that we will try to meet your needs as long as they are consistent with the objectives outlined for this workshop.

Terms & Conditions:
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One workshop. 2.5 hours //  $90
Location // 38 William Carson Crescent, Toronto

Individual Price at $90. Come with a friend(s) to enjoy 10% discount.
Returning students enjoy 10% off the posted workshop fee and cannot be used with the above offer. (Please apply coupon at checkout)

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