The Start of Tea Processing History: White Tea from One Terroir to Another


Exploration Series 1.3
Price for one $90. Two or more $81 each.

The desire to preserve the goodness of tea leaves by human beings marked the beginning of the tea processing history. Drying fresh tea leaves under the sun to remove the inherent water content is believed by researchers and academics in China to be the first-ever method applied to preserving tea leaves for future use. This natural way of dehydrating tea leaves with the least amount of human interference and intervention continues to be applied today in what is known as white tea production.

You will learn about the history and development of white tea processing in China. You will prepare and taste tea from two historical white tea production regions in China to identify their characteristics and differences. You will also assess white teas that are produced from new production regions outside of China including Taiwan and India to experience the impact of terroir, which are the conditions in which a tea plant is grown and processed to shape its unique characteristics.

Elaine Tsien, TAC TEA SOMMELIER, will guide you through this workshop.

You are welcome to contact us for a list of tea leaves you will prepare for tasting and other inquiries related to this workshop series. Private session can be arranged for an individual or small group. Please contact us for pricing and to make an appointment.

The Exploration Series is an extension of our Introduction and Foundation Series. While there are no pre-requisites to attending this Series, it is suitable for you to apply your previously acquired knowledge and skills to continue your practice of the classical art of tea, and to explore the diverse and rich materials included in the art.

If you are new to the classical art of tea and are interested in attending this workshop, you are welcome to join us with the expectation that we will try to meet your needs as long as they are consistent with the objectives outlined for this workshop.

Terms & Conditions:
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One workshop. 2.5 hours //  $90
Location // 38 William Carson Crescent, Toronto

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Returning students enjoy 10% off the posted workshop fee and cannot be used with the above offer. (Please apply coupon at checkout)

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